How to Feel Entitled and Deserving of The Best in Life

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Discovering how to feel deserving and entitled of the best in life is a transformation that can and cause such a basic emotional shift that will turn every aspect of your life for the better.

Sadly for most, the sense of entitlement and deserving is usually clogged down by arcane social conditions and mannerisms that oppose any sort of self-elevation.

The fear of being observed as narcissistic and self-diluted and the social consequences that might occur have caused millions of people around the world to stifle a very natural and great birthright.

To understand how to feel entitled and deserving of good things you must let what others might think go and start trusting in your own deep intuition.

For most of my life I’ve had a natural feeling of entitlement and deserving. I’ve often times lost it for a while, yet I’ve never believed in false modesty enough to accept myself as being unworthy of good in anyway. This way of observing the world is what I believe is the cause for most of my success and achievements.

The Martyr Concept:

Coming from a firm belief that our thoughts and emotions dictate what we experience, it’s my opinion that most use modestly as a reverse and twisted form of justifying their feeling of entitlement and deserving anyway.

This comes from the belief that renouncing that they deserve the best in life, will be at some point recognized and rewarded.

I think it doesn’t matter how you try to twist it, somewhere inside of you, you know that you should enjoy life and will continue searching for ways of how to feel entitled and deserving of good things no matter how indirectly you approach it.

If you have a firm belief that when all is said and done you will approach the pearly gates of heaven and say to god “Look how much I suffered dude, I was modest and all of that crap, now where’s the party at?” then you are going to find this blog very annoying I assure you.

But if you understand somewhere deep inside that life is about joy and that even though you might not always experience it, that you can strive to love yourself and as a result it will shine on others and the party is already on, then please continue.

What you believe about yourself dictates what you experience:

It has been proven time and time again by many schools of science, brain research and spiritual practices that the way you feel and think dictates the results and events you experience.

I can honestly say that in my experience this has always been true for better or worse.

If you believe yourself to be entitled and deserving of the best, then you will naturally gravitate towards experiences that prove this belief.

On the other hand, if you believe yourself unworthy then the same funny law of nature will apply in the same way.

It all depends on which side of the spectrum you would rather be on.

How to feel deserving and entitled of good things

Like I previously mentioned, from my experience we are all born with a natural sense of entitlement and deserving. The problem is that this emotional basis is usually muffled at a very young age by different systems full of counter agendas.

This means that learning how to feel deserving and entitled is more about removing limiting habits and beliefs and letting that natural essence shine again than to acquire some new alien skill.

Now this might sound easy, but sometimes if you’ve spent most of your life believing you are unworthy then you are going to have to practice for a while.

Easy process to enhance your feeling of entitlement and worthiness:

The fastest way of discovering how to feel entitled and deserving is by focusing on the emotion itself so much that it becomes your new main habit of thought.

Can you remember a time when you felt that way? Maybe it was a period in your childhood or even 10 minutes you experienced three years ago. Doesn’t matter, we all experienced this feeling at some point in our lives.

Now clear 15 minutes out of your day and sit quietly and recall times that you felt that way. Don’t force the feeling to rise, simply ponder gently the times you felt confident and worthy.

At first it will be a bit hard but make sure to do this every day for at least 30 days and you will see a shift in your feelings more and more towards worthiness and self-loving.

Also, remember that you are practicing an emotion, not trying to make some external thing happen. So your mark of success is only emotional and in time without any forcing your behavior will start changing and also your results.

But the key point is the emotional root not the manifestation.

I do urge you to start taking your first steps to uncover this inner power and also to share your experience and inspire others by commenting below and telling your story.

Discover more about how to feel deserving and entitled of good things in life:

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