How to Love Your Work and Job Again

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Losing the passion for your job can take a huge toll on your mental health, suck out feeling of joy and usually have an overall effect on your life.

Learning how to love your work again can prove to be beneficial in many areas of life and is worth putting some effort to figure out.

Hating your job has become very common among many around the world especially the younger generations. Many feel that their once high personal aspirations are being stumped on by long hours, responsibilities, bosses and daily repetition.

Before I get into how to love your work again,  let’s take a look at the common answers for this wide issue:

For most people the answer to this dissatisfaction will usually conclude by taking one of the following three types of actions:

  1. Leave your current job and find another
  2. Become self employed
  3. Stay and suffer

The problem with the first 2 options is that though they can give you a quick fix of relief, in the long run they tend to produce pretty much the same effect. Most that find a new job find themselves a few months later complaining about the same issues and those who choose the path of self-employment discover a new world of pain that comes with the immense responsibility.

Of course staying and suffering is rarely a good choice too…

So what do you do? Is there a way to enjoy your job again without taking one of these routes?

How to love your work again:

Understanding How Your Brain Functions:

To understand how to love your work again, let’s first take a short look at how our brain functions.

Have you ever been to a party or some social event with another person and after it was over, though you were both at the same place, you discovered you had two totally different experiences?

It’s interesting how the same situation can seem so different to two people, but this example reveals very important hidden truths. The reason why one can enjoy a certain occasion while the other suffers has to do with habits of thinking and what is called deletion.

The world around us is full of information and events that we can register consciously. If we were to take all these events and become aware of them at a certain moment the heads would likely explode from the overflow of information.

As Mother Nature would have it, we were born with a natural filter called RAS (Reticular activating system) that can determine which bits of information are useful for us and which should be disregarded.

This system is governed by our values and habits and is uniquely programmed by every individual in a unique way.

For instance, if you are a person that values opportunity for earning money, your RAS will often bring to your attentions ways and events that will enhance this firm belief.

So what does this have to do with learning how to love your work again?

Well… the answer is very simple.

The RAS isn’t a natural mechanism that has no judgment of its own. It simply focuses you towards evidence of what you believe.

If you focus most of your thought on negative events and emotions, it will highlight them and delete the rest.

 ”I hate my job”, “Why am I stuck here?’, “Why me?” all of these sentences are triggers that cause your RAS to find more evidence to prove your point.

So even though there might be thousands of reasons to love your job, you are missing them out because you are in the habit of looking for the negative.

Asking the Correct Questions:

The RAS works sort of like a search engine. It takes the words you feed it and gives you the specific answers to you question. Most people tend to ask the wrong questions and get upset when they receive an answer that doesn’t satisfy them.

For example a question such as “Why am I stuck here?” triggers your mind to find the answers to these questions and results in answers such as “Cause Debbie made me do all this extra work”, “Cause life didn’t go the way I planned” ect…

But what if you could ask different questions that could spark your mind to think in more positive directions?

How about “How can I enjoy the hours I’ve got left?”

Well, your mind might answer: “how about some music?” “Maybe take a break and return more relaxed”

You see the difference?

Asking the correct questions can show you how to love your work again and has helped me turn around many negative trends I was following.

Every time you catch yourself asking yourself a dead end question, rephrase it and see what happens.

The Game of Value:

Another important area we often lose touch of is seeing the value in the things we are doing. Value creates joy and fulfillment and is the fastest way of learning how to love your work again.

The more you tend to get used to a situation the less value you see in it and the more you will focus on small insignificant details. Like a muscle your ability to value the things you have in life is something that should be practiced regularly.

Sit for 10 minutes and think about the value that you job has in your life. Start general with easy things such as: “It brings me money and makes me feel secure”, “At least I’ve got a job”‘ “It paid for my house”…

Really give this some thought and trigger that part inside of you that loves what it’s doing.

The more you value, the more you will appreciate, the more you will observe positive things in the workplace, the more you will love you job. This is a cycle that can grow to become very powerful.

See the big picture:

There’s a wonderful saying that goes “When observing the bigger picture all obstacles must give way”. I’ve learned this time and time again and it has become a motto in my life.

The tendency to focus on small drama and petty things tends to stray you from what really is important. Learning to look at the bigger picture and scheme of things gives you a much broader view and often times will remind you why you chose your job in the first place.

Practice Emotions:

Last but certainly not least of the ways of how to love your job again is by learning to practice emotional states.

If as I said earlier, we tend to receive proof to what we are focused on and what we want is to fall in love with our job again. Then practicing the feeling of joy and love must create more proof in all areas of your life.

This general approach might seem a bit simplistic, but is probably the most powerful skill you can acquire.

Most people practice negative emotions and then wonder why they keep getting the same dissatisfying results. But those that understand that all these occurrences come from a more general root of an emotional state of mind can change the whole game and not fix every small detail.

You don’t even have to focus on your job, take anything in your life that is working and you love and enjoy and give it more show time. This will project into all the other areas of your life.

Problems you thought you had will vanish because they become irrelevant to your experience and you won’t even have to learn how to love your job again, it will simply be a byproduct result of your new approach.

More on how to love your work again:

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