Learn How to Read Body Language To Avoid Painful Mistakes

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My post today is dedicated in salutation to sneaky Mother Nature and one of my favorite skills – reading body language.

Learning how to read body language can help you avoid many unnecessary pains in life. Imagine considering closing a big business deal with a company representative or sales person you’ve only just met. Wouldn’t you want to be able to understand if they are trust worthy or simply trying to scam you?

Think about how much pain, money, time and resources you could spare yourself by being able to spot liars and cheats easily? In today’s dog eat dog world, It’s no surprise why learning how to read body language has become so immensely popular 

The Language of the Body Says It All

Ever wonder why you sometimes just know someone is lying to you or is full of it even though nothing seems to say otherwise?  Or maybe it’s that person at work that always smiles while you know deep inside they’re a wolf in sheep clothing.

Many consider this ability to read between the lines to be some sort of magical, mystical, spiritual trait called intuition. I call it subconscious non-verbal cues that you can develop and become consciously aware of.

My way is easier…

Considering that the spoken word constitutes for merely 9% of any communication, broadening your skill set by learning how to read body language can clear many trees in the jungle of your mind.

Think how much smarter you can become if you really understand what people are saying and the meaning behind all the fluff and social accepted rules.

Body language is subconscious and primal and interestingly enough never lies.

Another fascinating fact of nature worth mentioning is that the average woman reads body language 3-5 times better than the average man. This well documented fact is the reason why many men are often surprised that they can’t seem to get a lie passed their respected counterpart.

This researchers and psychologists explain is due to logical evolutionary survival reasons which is a subject for another post altogether.

That being said, any man willing to take the time study and practice how to read body language can develop the same abilities and even surpass them.

 So for the sake of equality, it’s time to get educated!

How to Read body language

Usually when approaching learning how to read body language many people jump straight to what every physical motion might means. Doing that is disregarding a very basic skill that is a key point in developing the needed skills.

The art of observation: Sensory acuity

To master reading body language you must first become somewhat like the famous yet fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and sharpen your senses to catch subtle signs.

 In the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  this is referred to as developing sensory acuity and is the ability to absorb more fine information and detail through the senses.

As adults we tend to become less interested in small details and generalize allot of what we see around us storing the information in broad categories within our mind. This results in a numbing of the senses and disregard of many things occurring around you.

Process for improving your sensory acuity:

A simple yet very powerful process you can practice daily to improve your abilities of perception is as followed:

  • As you sit in your room or anywhere else, relax your mind and breathe deeply while you choose a spot around you that is about 60 inches in diameter.
  • While looking at that spot observe and note to yourself how many small details you can see within that small area.
  • Notice textures, small cracks, lighting and shade and any other detail and simply note them in your mind.
  • Continue doing this until you can’t find any more fragments you haven’t yet noticed.
  • Now close your eyes and with a relaxed attitude open your ears and start listening to the sounds around you and become aware of more and more streams of audio information that are happening. Bird sounds, traffic, people talking, wind blowing.
  • Continue becoming aware of more and more sounds and noting them inside.
  • Once you feel you have noticed every sound available in your environment, take a deep breath, open your eyes and continue with your day.

This process, as simple as it may seem, can change your entire life and the way you observe reality.

 15 minutes every day dedicated to sharpen your senses will turn learning how to read body language into a fun and easy flowing adventure.

What’s the Vibe?

Ever hear a surfer or aging hippie talk about vibes? Sounds weird but these funny talking people are right on the spot.

One of the most important factors of learning how to read body language is to understand and feel vibes or better stated emotional moods.

Ever get into an argument with someone and ask them why they’re so angry? Only to receive the answer “I’m not angry” blasted at you at 120MPH?

This might be an extreme and obvious example but it illustrates the difference between spoken words and vibe. On a more subtle level, you would be amazed how many times we follow what people say instead of what they emotionally projecting. I believe this is one of the biggest causes for miscommunication in most relationships.

The Vibe Process:

The following process was taught to me by a good friend and body language expert Nimrod Masarano and it comes on the heels of the sensory acuity process. Practice it daily and you will see amazing results:

  • While you are walking down the street or sitting in any social gathering, relax you mind, take a deep breath and choose a person in the room.
  • Don’t stare! Simply observe…
  • Now as you observe the individual open up and feel what he is currently projecting emotionally. Is he anxious, Happy, Stressed, tired? See what you can pick up. Don’t overthink it, just see what pops up.
  • After a short while move your attention to some else in the arena and do the same.

If you really take the time to practice this process daily, before you know it, you’ll become a master of vibe fishing. Incorporate this with your new sensory skills and reading body language and the meaning behind it will become easy as pie.

Discover More About Learning How to Read Body Language

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