4 Ways To Be Happier and Enjoy Life

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Happiness is one of the most basic needs and rights of any person. Behind any action we take or improvements we make is a basic belief that it will make us feel better and move us closer to happiness.

The following post will give you 4 easy ways to be happier and charge up your life with energy and excitement.

Sadly for many the quest for happiness is often muted by the never ending demands that life keeps popping up at them. Bills, jobs, responsibility and what seems to be a never ending rat race can often seem to push happiness lower and lower in your personal priority list.

In my life I have often forgotten the number one reason for why I was actually taking all the actions to succeed and achieve things. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever taught me that happiness was something that you should even regard.  It took allot of soul searching before it hit me and I started looking for ways to be happier and enjoy my life.

The more I studied happiness, the more I became aware that it is an internal and mental process that has nothing to do with the amount of money you earn, your job title, where you come from, the color of your skin or any genetic trait.

After all, happy people come in all shapes, forms and backgrounds and so do the miserable ones. It became crystal clear to me that happiness was simply a state of mind and a habit of thought and can be trained and practiced.

The easiest way to become happier is to understand that happy people think differently than miserable ones and start modeling the ways they think.

Thoughts trigger emotions which in turn trigger actions. The secret of how to become happier lay within changing your habits of thoughts through consistent practice.

4 Ways to be happier and Enjoy Life:

Stop Complaining:

Ever hear the saying “Practice is the mother of all skills”?

Well for most this relates more to becoming a great athlete or musician but they rarely consider that we acquire most of our behaviors and emotional states through practice.

One of the worst skills you can develop and one that can totally destroy your happiness is that of complaining.

Ever meet someone that is addicted to complaining and can turn anything into a pessimistic and awful event? On the other hand, do you know people that seem to enjoy themselves during the worst of times?

Now ask yourself where do you fit on this scale?

If you find that you tend to complain allot it’s time to snip this habit in the bud and start learning to catch yourself when negative words start leaving your mouth.

The faster you start doing this, the faster you will start enjoying more of life and discover how to become happier.

Find The Value and Appreciation:

Every person can find value and appreciate the things he or she has in his life. It has been proven that focusing on these two factors can create huge positive change in your life. Happy people tend to see the value in even the worst experiences and thus they appreciate them.

Life is not about getting things perfect or about changing the world to your liking. It’s about appreciating and finding the value in what is and then joy and happiness become a given.

Learn to let go of the past:

One of the most useful ways to be happier is by learning to let go of the past.

Be honest now, how many times have you sat and kept replaying a scene that happened in your past that had a negative effect on you? We’ve all experience it.

The thing is, that every time you hold on to something that already happened, as bad as it might have been, you are wasting your energy and blocking yourself from enjoying the present moment.

The only moment that you can actually control…

The past is a memory and learning to let go of it can open you up to new possibilities and develop a sense of optimism and happiness. The present is now and the future will be created by your actions, they are what should take your focus.

The past is done and can’t be changed, so let it go and embrace change.

Find Your Passions:

Last but not least in the 5 ways to become happier is to follow your passions.

Let’s take a trip for a moment down memory lane.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d find discovered something that really interested and excited you? Maybe it was a toy or some sort of sport you enjoyed. Remember how you used to wake up in the morning and jump out of bed full of excitement hardly being able to wait to get to your fun activity?  

Is that still the case? Do you often find yourself hardly falling asleep because you just can’t stop the feeling of excitement rippling through your body?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to look deep inside and find those things that make you feel excited and passionate again.

Research done on the most successful people in the world has shown that each and every one of them is full of passion and excitement towards what they do. This passion is what enables them to continue a strive to create bigger and better improvements that in turn help humanity.

It’s time for you to do the same… It could be anything: gardening, playing the piano, watching old movies, taking hikes in nature. Doesn’t matter as long as it is something you are passionate about and excites you.

The more of these types of passions you find the more ways to be happier you will discover.

Learn more about how to be happier and Enjoy Life:

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